Reduce Operation Costs Maximize Employee Involvement Interactive Training Sessions
Front Line Leadership Video Training

Front Line Leadership Video Training

Give your front line supervisors, managers and team
leaders the skills they need to succeed through the
convenience of video training. Options include monthly
and yearly video training subscriptions!

Front Line Leadership Video Training

Front Line Leadership Training

Front Line Leadership Webinar

Skills to maximize results and employee involvement for supervisors, team leaders and managers.

Webinar scheduled: Expectations of a Front Line Leader
Thursday September 11th at 2 p.m. Eastern Time

Front Line Leadership Training

This public course is designed to give your front line leaders the practical skills they need to get great results and keep employees motivated to perform.

London - Tuesday Sept 23 and Wednesday Sept 24
Windsor - Wednesday Oct 8 and Thursday Oct 9
                                           Toronto - Wednesday Oct 22 and Thursday Oct 23
                                           (All locations to be determined)

Project Team Leadership Essentials Workshop

This workshop is designed for, project managers, team leads, team members and anyone else who wants to improve their project leadership skills and manage teams more effectively.

                                          Fall dates to be determined 

LeaderFeeder Blog

LeaderFeeder Blog

Leader Involvement Precedes Employee Involvement

Executive, managers, supervisors and team leaders recognize the value that comes from increased employee involvement. They often struggle with how to get that…

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